When is enough enough? Every day, another shoe drops and revelations come to light about the Trump administration that should sink any politician. Why doesn’t this faze his supporters?

Trump’s latest Tweet storm is more than a little alarming. In four early-morning tweets, he accused the previous administration of illegally wire tapping him during the election. What was his source for the allegations? A Breitbart News article referencing a far right radio host’s conspiracy theory.

Trump has at his disposal a wealth of intelligence and resources.   However, he chooses not to use them. Rather, he would prefer to take an off-the-wall conspiracy theory and run with it in a series of misspelled tweets.

It’s alarming that Trump’s first instinct when he says he found about a sensitive security issue it to tweet about it. Of course, this wasn’t a real sensitive security issue. Trump provided absolutely no evidence for his claim and the White House said it would no longer be answering questions relating to Trump’s latest allegations.

Basically, Trump threw out a conspiracy theory into the public sphere and let it lie. Who knows? He may never mention it again as he hasn’t had much more to say about the widespread voter fraud he claimed cost him the popular vote. But, this lie he has put out is much more serious than the voter fraud allegation. It is much more consequential. It may be his undoing.

A high percentage of Trump’s supporters have a favorable view of Vladimir Putin. They also believe Obama was born in Kenya. They also believe a plethora of other Trump-spun conspiracy theories. Will they ever admit that they fell hook, line, and sinker for a conman?

Will the Religious Right ever admit that perhaps Jesus didn’t handpick Trump to save America? Will Franklin Graham ever stop saying that God told him that Trump had been chosen to lead America? Will Christians ever stop looking the other way when Trump lies and discriminates?

I don’t think they will. I think they’ll all stay on board the Trump Train until it falls off a cliff. Perhaps a few will come to their senses, admit that they were wrong, and try to move forward. The end of the Trump fairytale won’t be a happy one. I’m not the type of person to gloat. However, when it happens, I’ll be there to say “I told you so.”