I have too much stuff. That’s probably true for most of us. When I say that I have too much stuff, I literally mean stuff. I’m not sure exactly where it all came from. I’m not sure what to do with it. All that I know is that I have it and I don’t need it.

Over the weekend, we helped some family members move. I was amazed at the amount of clothes, household goods, and other items accumulated over decades of living. At first, I didn’t connect the dots. However, as I stared in amazement at the piles of boxes, I realized that I was well on my way to having a similar amount of stuff.

The season of Lent is a time of reflection, self-sacrifice, and getting rid of things to allow for more room for God. Lent is also a prelude to spring, which makes it a perfect time for a little spring cleaning.

I’ve always known that I could be something of a hoarder. I’m not to the point where I need a professional’s help. I can still move around the house without piles of magazines, junk, and garbage. However, it’s time to do something about all my stuff.

This Lent, I’m going to downsize. It shouldn’t be too hard. All I have to do is look around and I can see something that I don’t need. Fortunately, our church hosts rummage sales that we call the “New to You” sale. This year, the sale will be the benefit of my downsizing.

I’m going to start with clothes. I have several closets, dressers, and bureaus that can’t be closed because they’re overfull of clothes. I’m willing to bet that I don’t need half of them. My goal for clothes is to get rid of roughly half of what I have. I’m certain that I’ll still have plenty to wear, but it seems selfish to hang onto things I know I’ll never wear again.

I’m sitting at my desk as I write this. There are seven drawers on the desk. There is a large bookcase and closet in the study. I’m not sure what all is in the desk. To be honest, there are a few drawers I haven’t opened in a while. The closet door barely closes and the bookcase if overfilled. So, the study will be my next move. I’ll pass along the things I don’t need to someone who does.

The kitchen will be my last project. This will be a hard one. I love to cook. I love dishes, cookware, serving pieces, and gadgets. However, each time I cook, I always use the same few utensils, eat off of the same dishes, and use the same serving pieces. I’m going to pare that down too.

If I’m able to accomplish all of this during Lent, it will be a miracle. I may not get to all of it, but I think I can at least make a dent in getting rid of some of my stuff. If you’re reading this and realize that you have too much stuff, consider downsizing. After all, are you going to wear three identical shirts? Are you really going to use four calculators? Do you really need to hold onto every novel you’ve ever read? Probably not. Happy Lent!