With Lent comes a time of reflection and self-denial. It’s also a time where we share sacred times with others and are drawn into our own sacred spaces. Sacred times can occur in the fellowship with others or alone. Sacred spaces need not be at a church. They can be anywhere as long as you are open to experiences with God.

I took part in a sacred time yesterday in a sacred space. On Fridays, our church celebrates the Stations of the Cross. There were only a handful of us there. However, during the 30-minute service, it was clear that this was a sacred time. Through the readings and prayers, it was evident that we were part of something larger than ourselves.

The service took place in a small courtyard on the side of the church. Just feet away from a busy street and a police office is the courtyard.   One side of the courtyard is made up of the church building, which is three stories. It casts a shadow over the courtyard and encases it in solitude. Though there is so much activity all around, it is evident that this is a sacred space.

After the service, we went to dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. I can’t say that the restaurant is a sacred space. However, fellowship is a very important part of worship. Again, we celebrated a sacred time of fellowship, conversation, and friendship.

In my home, I have my own sacred space. It’s located in a nook off the side of the bedroom. It’s really simple. It has just a chair and a lamp. One wall has a few icons scattered on it. The other wall has a crucifix and a few prayers. There is a collection of books in the corner. Some of them I have read, and some of them are on my list to read.

It may be simple, but to me, it is sacred. It’s a place where I can sit, and, for a few minutes, escape the realities of the world and enjoy peace and serenity. It’s my place in the world where I know I can feel safe.

Do you have a sacred place? Do you enjoy sacred moments? I’m sure you do, whether or not you know it. During this Lent season, take a few moments to look around you and see what’s sacred in your life. You’ll be surprised when you realize that many of the things you enjoy and the places to which you are drawn to are the sacred places in your life.