As each day passes, the evidence of ties between the Trump campaign and Russian intelligence persist and grow. Last week, CNN reported that the White House contacted the FBI and asked them to “knock down” reports that the campaign communicated with Russia. Why would the White House want the FBI to silence these claims? If the claims were false as the White House claims, why not discuss them? After all, if there were no communications, the truth would come out. But, that’s not the case and the White House is scrambling to quell all allegations of the communications.

There needs to be an investigation of these communications. Obviously, Democrats are on board with the idea of investigating as are the majority of the American people. The problem is, of course, the Republicans. The most disturbing aspect of the looming investigation is, of course, the Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Sessions was part of the Trump campaign and has so far said he would not recuse himself from any investigations.

Justice Department rules are clear on what Sessions should do. He should recuse himself since he was a part of the campaign. However, Sessions is not known for his integrity. If he had any shred of integrity, he wouldn’t have been asked to serve in the Trump Administration.

Over the weekend, Rep. Darrell Issa admitted that the investigation would require an independent prosecutor, not Sessions. Since Issa is a Republican, this is a step in the right direction. However, Issa is just one of a very small group of Republicans who seem to have any sort of rationality about this issue. Hopefully, more will follow suit.

It baffles me how anyone could be against an investigation. After all, if there is an independent investigation, there isn’t a pre-determined conclusion. It could go either way. There may have been inappropriate communications and there may not have been. Personally, I think there were communications that need to be investigated. I may be wrong, but I want to know and deserve to know where my president’s loyalties lie.