As I’ve been saying all along, Trump is no friend of the LGBT community.  I’m well aware that Trump does have his LGBT supporters.  They’re just wrong.  They’re voting against their interests.  I’ve you’ve been waiting on the sidelines hoping he would do the right thing for the LGBT community, wait no more.

Much to the jubilation of the Christian Right, the Trump Administration has lifted federal guidelines on the treatment of transgender students.  Under the guise of protecting girls from having to shower with boys, Trump has placed children who are members of a very vulnerable group of society at risk.

Franklin Graham, one of the most reprehensible members of the Christian Right, was joyous at the announcement.  In a post on social media, the modern day Pharisee said that the Trump Administration was “doing away with Obama’s transgender bathroom edict.”  I’m not sure why a rule protecting vulnerable children would be called an edict.  I’m also puzzled at why someone who professes to be a Christian would celebrate that a group of children will now be more vulnerable to persecution.

If you’re a member of the LGBT community and voted for Trump, how does all this make you feel?  I have a suspicion that far too many people in the LGBT community are comfortable with the “LGB” part of the community but don’t take into account the “T.”  We are all in this together.

I’m not trans, but I have friends who are.  When someone discriminates against transgender people, they discriminate against the entire LGBT community.  It’s against all of us.  Don’t be complacent because Trump left in place for the time being Obama’s protections against discrimination in federal hiring.  Be certain about it, he and the entire Republican Congress could care less about every member of the LGBT community.  Just because it hasn’t affected you yet doesn’t mean it won’t.  Stand together for every member of our community.