I always get nervous before I go to the doctor.  I’ve never had any health problems to speak of.  However, every time I enter the waiting room, I get nervous.  In my mind, I’ve surely got something horrible.  Even when the doctor confirms that everything is ok, I’m certain that he or she just missed it.

Today I had to go to the optometrist.  I’m not sure why that makes me nervous, but it does.  Deep down, I know that during the exam, they’re going to find something horribly wrong and tell me that I’ll soon lose my sight.  It’s crazy, right?

To me, the worst part of the eye exam is when they tell you that they’re about to observe the part of the brain located just beyond the back of the eye.  Maybe I’m just modest, but I don’t like anyone looking at my brain.  I’m certain that it’s there and it’s ok, so please don’t look at it.  If you look too hard, you may find something that needs attention.

In economics class, the professors would always say that, speaking in economic theory, the best way to judge a future outcome is to look at the most recent outcome.  That would work well in my medical history.  How will this exam go?  Well, the last one went well, so this one shouldn’t be a problem.

That economic theory sums up today’s visit.  They found no major problems and my prescription changed slightly.  I’m actually happy about that.  A new prescription means new glasses!  If you know me, you know that I enjoy slightly unique glasses.  My first such pair was green.  My current pair is blue.  I’m excited to announce that I just ordered a new pair in red!

So, I guess everything has a silver lining.  Even though I had to go to the doctor, at least I get a new pair of glasses.  To top it off, I also got a free pair of Lucky brand sunglasses.  So, what’s this point of all this?  Perhaps it’s just to publicize my neurotic tendencies about going to the doctor.  Perhaps it was to let everyone know that I’ll soon be sporting a brand new pair of glasses.  I’m pretty sure it’s both!