I’m not sure what my writings can add to the political discourse.  My guess is not much.  However, I write more for myself than for the chance at making a huge impact in any major issue.  However, I’ve persevered in writing because apathy is lethal.  We cannot stop caring.  We can’t afford to sit back and helplessly let our futures be written for us.  We can’t be silent.

With each day that passes, Trump and his agenda persist.  I don’t know how long it can continue before he burns out.  Many pundits have predicted that he already would have.  However, with his incoherent speeches, spiteful, self-serving tweets, and his knack to talk circles around issues, even to the point of contradicting himself, he persists.

I’d like to say that the Trump administration is playing out about how I expected.  I’d like to say that, but I can’t.  So far, it’s much worse.  To all the people who said that Trump, when compared to Clinton, was the lesser of two evils, what do you say now?  Hillary Clinton wasn’t a perfect candidate.  No one was.  However, there was no legitimate comparison involving the adage of the lesser of two evils.  There was a uniquely qualified candidate who has devoted her life to the service of others.  There was also a grossly unqualified candidate who has devoted his life to enriching himself.  There was no lesser of two evils.  There was an election between good and evil.  This time evil won.

Trump is doing many things he promised he would do in his campaign.  He is pretending to build a wall.  He is trying to block Muslims.  He is trying to take away healthcare from millions.  He is filling his cabinet with billionaires and tycoons who have never put anything above their own self-interests.  I expected that.

What I didn’t expect was the degree to which the Republican houses of congress would defer to him.  I knew that the Republicans in congress weren’t anything to write home about.  However, I did think that more than a handful would have the spine to put country ahead of party.  They don’t.  For the most part, they seem to think that attacks against a free press are warranted.  They think Russian intervention and collusion are ok since they got their man in the White House.  They think it’s ok to discriminate against those who aren’t Christian.  They think it’s ok to rape the environment.  They think it’s ok to attack the independence and integrity of the judicial system.

What can we do?  I don’t have the answer.  However, I know what we can’t do.  We can’t sit by and be silent.  We can’t become apathetic.  We can’t lose hope.