After campaigning on promises of no vacations for four years, Trump spent the weekend on vacation at his Florida estate. With security bills since inauguration already more than the cost of protecting the Obamas for a year, Trump continues to break even more campaign promises. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about Trump’s base, it’s that they have short memories and no regard for fact. Had this been Obama, Fox News would have covered these astronomical security expenses nonstop and the Trump base would have been outraged.

It seems as though Trump needed to give his fragile ego a boost this weekend. While on his weekend vacation, he decided to have one of his classic airplane hangar rallies. During his rambling, incoherent speech, he of course lied. This time he tried to justify his Muslim ban with a terror attack that happened in Sweden the night before. The only problem is that the attack never happened. He hasn’t apologized for this or fully admitted it was false. In true Trump fashion, he passed the buck. This time he blamed it on Fox News.

What should be of concern to all of us is the fact that he has absolutely no problem lying. Even when the truth would suffice, he’d rather lie. Whether he’s being fed some of these untrue news stories from his aides or making them up himself (I lean towards the latter), there has to be a point where enough is enough. Where is that point? For me personally, it was during the campaign. Apparently others have different standards.

Why do people tolerate his lies and idolize him? That’s a complicated question. However, I have my theories. For some reason, Trump appealed to a vast majority of rightwing evangelical Christians. Through his scandals, lies, and anti-Christian policy proposals, this base of Christians fell head over heels for him.

Trump and his team know this and they make sure to pacify these constituents. At the rally this weekend, Melania Trump kicked things off by reading the Lord’s Prayer. It’s certainly odd for a person who, no less than a year ago, said that he’d never asked God to forgive him for anything, to start an event with a Christian prayer, but that’s what Trump did. Predictably, his base absolutely loved it. After that, no matter what contemptible ideas spewed from his mouth or what kinds of lies about fake terror attacks he spoke of, he had been absolved because Melania read a prayer.

It baffles me. The more I think about it, the more confused I get. Have so many Christians lost their moral compass as to fall for this. Can they be bought by a conman who lies to their faces and gets away with it by offering up a simple prayer? It seems as though the answer is yes, at least for the time being. However, it’s my hope and prayer that this won’t continue and people will wake up to the truth.