As I said yesterday, I was going to cook dinner. And, cook I did. It was quite good, if I do say so myself. Back when I still had Eglantine, I always made her a sweet potato for dinner when I was having one. It got to the point that I would make her one even when I wasn’t having one. According to the vet, it’s a healthy meal. Eglantine loved it, so everyone was happy.

I’ve only made sweet potatoes for Barton and Emelius a few times. They seem to enjoy them, but haven’t been absolutely obsessed with them – until now. The sweet potato I cooked for them was huge. It was one of the biggest I’ve ever seen in the store. I sat it on the kitchen island while we ate to let it cool. As we were eating, I would periodically break off a small piece and give it to each dog. They ate it and liked it, as I suspected.

When we were done eating, I put the rest of the sweet potato in their food bowl so they could finish it at their leisure. Keep in mind that there was a lot of sweet potato left. It was probably as big as Barton’s head. It was far too big for them to eat.

A few minutes later, I heard the sound of Emelius growling at Barton. He had decided to guard the sweet potato and not let Barton have any. These periods of growling followed by periods of silence continued for a while. Finally, after a particularly aggressive bout of growling on the part of Emelius, we decided to take the sweet potato away. It was causing too much drama. Much to our surprise, Emelius had eaten the whole thing.

This may not sound strange, but if you could see just how big the sweet potato was and how small Emelius is, you’d be astounded. Never did I imagine that both dogs would finish the sweet potato, but I certainly didn’t think Emelius could eat it all by himself. When I picked him up, he even felt heavier and he had a bulge in his stomach. What was even more surprising was how possessive he was of it. He wouldn’t even let Barton near it!

His new found love of sweet potatoes reminds me of Eglantine. In fact, a sweet potato was her last meal. Even though she was sick, she managed to put just a little bounce in her step to come to the kitchen for her favorite meal one last time.

I guess Emelius now fills the role of the sweet potato fiend in the house. I don’t know if he’s spending too much time in the chair by Eglantine’s cremains and has picked up some of her old habits or if it’s just a chance that I had two dogs who absolutely love sweet potatoes. Whatever the case, I find it interesting. My next job is to find out what Barton likes to eat more than anything. He’s a little harder to figure out than Emelius, but I’m certain that soon I can find out Barton’s equivalent of a sweet potato and he and Emelius won’t have to argue over food any more.