It’s time to start paying attention.  If you’re anything more than a casual observer of the news, you’ve been doing this for some time.  If you’re a news junkie like me, you’ve been constantly dissecting and analyzing every new development in the Trump presidency in detail.  If you haven’t been reading or consuming any news, it’s time to start.

As each day passes, it becomes increasingly clear that top Trump officials have had contact with upper echelons of the Russian government and tried to cover it up.  That’s bad.  However, how far up the chain do these inappropriate communications go?  My guess is all the way to the top.

If we consider Trump’s personality, we know that he considers himself the boss.  In fact, if the phrase “the buck stops here” hadn’t already been coined, Trump would probably use it.  In fact, he may start using it and saying that he coined it himself.  Nothing would surprise me.

So, with an authoritarian personality like Trump, how is it possible that he was blissfully unaware that Michael Flynn corresponded with Russian officials on the day Obama levied sanctions against Russia.  Those that have worked with Trump describe him as someone who micromanages.  Surely something as important as relations with Russia wouldn’t be something he would keep his tiny hands out of.

There has long been the question of why Trump is so enamored with Russia and specifically Vladimir Putin.  The controversy surrounding Flynn only magnifies scrutiny on this.  Given Trump’s long history of refusing to say anything negative about Russia and his propensity to praise Putin, it’s clear to me that Trump knew exactly what Flynn was doing and encouraged it.

Getting Republicans in action to actually do something about this is another story.  Had this been a hearing on Benghazi, Republicans would already have had weeks of hearings.  However, with Trump it isn’t the case.  Their behavior regarding this is a clear indication of the lack of ethics and love of country that permeates the current Republican Party in the House and Senate.

Republicans, however, can’t hold out forever.  The Trump-Russia stories aren’t going to go away.  I feel confident that the media will hold Republicans’ feet to the fire on this.  They have to.  Too much is at stake.  Trump won’t like it.  He’ll tweet, complain, and display the character of a petulant child.  But that’s ok.  The truth will come out and it won’t be pretty for Trump or the Republicans.  Pay attention!