As each day passes, it becomes more and more evident that we’ve elected not only a con artist to the White House but also a person who has absolutely no interest in learning more about the intricacies and magnitude of the job to which he has been elected to perform.  With Obama, there was never a doubt about his temperament and intelligence or about his willingness to grapple with the nuances and details of the job.  Trump is a different story.

This White House is full of leaks.  Each day, new details from within emerge that paint a grim picture of the details of life inside the West Wing.  Apparently, Trump doesn’t like to read.  That’s not much of a surprise coming from a man who communicates in tweets.  However, for a president to behave this way is horrific.  Reports show that Trump would prefer to receive daily briefings in no more than one page, preferably with lots of graphics and pictures.  When Obama received the same briefings, he chose to receive 3-6 single-spaced pages.  Trump either doesn’t have the ability or desire to keep up with the details of what’s going on.

Reports are starting to surface from reputable news sources that say that intelligence officials are beginning to keep sensitive information from the White House.  They are doing so because they fear that the information will go straight to the Kremlin.  Think about that for a moment.  U.S. intelligence can’t trust the President with the nation’s secrets for fear that the information will be leaked to our adversaries.  It’s mind boggling to say the least.

Yet even as these details emerge daily, the Trump Patriots are staying true to their leader.  All around the country, “Make America Great Again” rallies (without Trump fortunately) are popping up.  Over the weekend, our local newspaper in Waycross, GA reported that such a rally would be held at the local fairgrounds just a mile from my house.  It sends a shiver down my spine.  Apparently there will be a lot of speakers who are anti-healthcare and pro-family.  We all know that pro-family is the nice way of saying anti-gay bigot.

I’m sure I won’t go to the rally even just to see what’s going on.  I’ll probably at least ride by to see the size of the crowd.  I’m thinking of actually going and standing at the entrance to the fairgrounds with protest signs.  If other members of the local progressive party attend, I will too.  We’ll definitely be in the minority.  However, each and every voice must be heard.