A few weeks ago, our bishop recommended that parishioners in our diocese read Living into God’s Dream – Dismantling Racism in America. Being a good Episcopalian, I immediately ordered it and it arrived yesterday. I was also pleased to learn that our adult education class at my church will be reading it as well.

For some reason, there seems to be a faction of society that believes we live in a post-racial society. This couldn’t be further from the truth. There is also a faction that believes that racism was actually dead in America until President Obama incited hatred among the races. Both of these ideas are both laughable and terrifying.

Why do people, particularly white people, have these dangerous and misguided ideas? I wish I had an answer. Perhaps it’s apathy and indifference. Perhaps it’s fear and indifference. Perhaps it’s hatred and prejudice. I think it’s a lethal mixture of all three. Whatever the cause, the fact remains that these ideas are present in society and need to be annihilated.

Living into God’s Dream is a collection of essays, compiled by Catherine Meeks, Ph.D, that delve deep into the subject of racism in America. Each essay was written by an author with a particular insight into the subject and aims to explore the current racial climate in the country.

If you have an indifferent attitude towards the subject of racism in America, I invite you to join me in reading this book. If you’re like me and realize that there is still a serious problem with racism in America and want to understand more about its roots, give it a read. No matter who you are or what your political or religious views are, please take just a little time to expand your point of view and better understand a real problem that has plagued America for generations.