Since the U.S. Bicentennial in 1976, America has set aside February as Black History Month. During this month, we take time to remember the accomplishments that African-Americans have had on the history and culture of the country. It’s important not to let this month pass by unnoticed. It’s important to make a concerted effort to learn more about the African-American influence on our lives and celebrate the rich history of Black America.

Why do we celebrate Black History Month? The answer is simple. African-American history needs to be remembered and celebrated. It’s far too easy to forget the struggles that the Black community has encountered throughout American history and to gloss over the struggles that remain today. In my mind, Black History Month matters just like Black Lives Matter. The aim isn’t to elevate one group above another, but to remind us that Black History matters too and that black lives matter too.

In looking back at my early education, it’s obvious who writes history – white men. It seems as though a great deal of history has been “whitewashed” and many of the great African-American historical figures were simply pushed aside. That’s why we must make a concerted effort to educate during Black History Month.

It’s not hard to get involved during Black History Month. Simply go on social media and lists of events in every local community are available. Waycross seems to have a vibrant community dedicated to making the most of Black History Month. If you’re in Waycross, take advantage of it. If not, take a little time and do some research. The number of events going on in your area may surprise you. So, grab a friend and get out into your community. Celebrate the rich history of the African-American culture.