So, what’s happening this week in Trump and how is it making America great again? It seems as though so many horrifying stories come so quickly that it’s almost impossible to give them the attention they deserve.   And, none of them involve making America great again. This week, it’s all about Putin, executive orders, Great Britain, and botched military operations.

Fox News interviewed Trump before the Super Bowl. This should have been a pretty easy interview since Trump has the hoe court advantage on Fox. However, when Bill O’Reilly asked Trump about Putin’s record of killing journalists who disagree with him, Trump responded by comparing America with Russia. He said that America is not “innocent.” America may not be innocent of some things, however, to compare America with the kind of corruption and depravity found in Russian politics is deplorable. To all of those who voted for Trump and continue to support him, how does this make America great?

Next, we move on to executive orders. Apparently, Trump doesn’t read them and when he does, he doesn’t really understand them. Today, it has been reported that Trump didn’t realize that he signed an order that placed Steve Bannon, the right wing bigot, on the National Security Council. So, we have a president who signs consequential documents that he doesn’t understand and has no clue the ramifications. Please, tell me. How is this making America great?

On to Great Britain. The Speaker of the House of Commons in the British Parliament said today that Trump will not be invited to address a joint session of Parliament on his upcoming state visit. The Speaker sited his bigotry, racism, and most recently his Muslim ban as some of the reasons for his not being allowed to speak. Think about it. Our greatest ally won’t let our leader address them because he is too racist. They are obviously correct in their decision. Our allies are losing all respect for our nation. Please, I implore you to tell me. How is this making America great?

Finally, we’ve received startling details of a botched raid in Yemen that left a Navy Seal dead along with other innocent civilians. What’s worse is that Trump, who does not take routine intelligence briefings, received old and insufficient intelligence for this operation over dinner. In an attempt to cover up the errors, the administration released footage from 2007 and claimed it was from the botched raid. Yes, we have a man in the White House who is not afraid to lie to our faces and doesn’t care when we call him out. For a leader who claims to be a “big fan” of the military, his apathy towards them is appalling. So, please tell me. How is this man making America great again?
I can answer the question. He’s not making America great. He’s a national embarrassment and nothing more than an overgrown child. He doesn’t care about you, me, or anyone else other than himself.   How many more travesties can he cause before enough is enough?