With each passing day, it becomes increasingly evident that Donald Trump is incompetence personified. Less than two weeks into his administration, the daily barrage of stories that come from the Trump White House both mystify and horrify me. I’m mystified that one man can posses so much arrogance and ignorance while holding the most powerful office in the world. I’m horrified because the future of the country rests in his tiny, incompetent hands.

Today was the National Prayer Breakfast. After discussing topics important to Christianity and religion in general, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and television ratings, Trump went on to tell the crowd that he wanted to do away with the Johnson Amendment. To the delight of the Christian Right, Trump wants to further tear down the wall of church and state by allowing churches to endorse political candidates.

Things on the international front are a mess as well. In a phone call to Mexico, Trump threatened to send in U.S. troops to handle what he calls “bad hombres.” In a call with the Prime Minister of Australia, Trump bragged about his victory in the election, berated the Prime Minister about matters relating to immigration, then hung up. He also had a call with Putin, which was not recorded. Trump said it was a congratulatory call. Today, a story is unfolding about a botched raid in Yemen in which innocent lives were lost. Trump was not in the Situation Room of the White House when the raid took place as is customary and based the raid on insufficient intelligence.

With all of these horrific things going on, there are still legions who believe that Trump is in the process of “making America great again.” They can’t see that his actions are nothing more than the insane actions of a narcissistic madman who literally has his finger on the button.