The renovations are complete – almost. After just one month of starting what was presented as a five-day job, the contractors have left the house. Around 4:30 yesterday, I heard the most amazing sound I’ve heard in sometime. I was standing by the window in the bedroom, and I heard an engine fire up. It was the contractor’s large van. Soon after, the lift on the back started to close and a few minutes later, the van was gone. “Finally,” I thought to myself. “We can get the house back in order.”

I walked around the house for a moment and inspected the work without the worry of having the workers thinking I was critiquing their work. There were some things still to be done. A sloppy coat of paint had been splattered on the bathroom walls and some of the tile around the edges of the porch still had to be grouted. However, all in all, we came out ok.

Now, the problem is the aftermath. Every room in the house seems to be covered in a thin layer of white dust. I’m not sure if it’s from when the old tile was removed or when the new tile was cut, but there is dust everywhere. Besides dusting every surface in the house, there is some work to do outside as well. The dumpster is overflowing with garbage and there are a few cigarette butts in the flowerbeds. There’s also the type of trash left lying around that you would expect from any type of construction.

I didn’t realize how many cleaning supplies we would need. Last night, we had to buy around $100 in cleaning supplies. However, it’s a small price to pay to finally have the job done. They dogs are, by far, the most relieved to have the work end. For almost a month now, poor Barton has stood and barked in the general direction of anyone who entered in the house, even though he couldn’t see them. When he wasn’t barking, he was nestled under his blanket with his head hidden. Emelius didn’t seem to mind too much. Whenever Barton would bark, he’d bark right along with him, but it didn’t seem to bother him too much.

So, there you have it. The work is done – almost. They’ll be back tomorrow to finish up the few things they left undone. If they’re here longer than that, I may go insane or have to have another “introversion excursion.” But perhaps this time, I’ll take Barton.