It baffles me that any LGBT people voted for Donald Trump.  However, I know a handful who did.  I’m not exactly sure why.  I’ll probably never understand it.  Over the years, Trump has given different statements on his stance on LGBT rights.  Before he was overtly political, he supported the cause.  When he began having political aspirations as a “conservative,” he was against marriage equality.  He backtracked somewhat and said marriage should be left to the states.  Basically, Trump’s views on LGBT rights are like his views on everything else – they are fluid.

This week, rumors from within the White House surfaced that Trump was planning on reversing President Obama’s Executive Order granting legal protections to LGBT workers at the federal level and federal contractors.  Shortly after that, the rumor was that he was going to leave the order in place.  No, this isn’t a win for us.  I’m not sure why or if the decision was changed.  All I know is that Trump has an erratic stance on almost every issue, including LGBT issues.

Why would members of the LGBT community think Trump had their best interests at heart?  My guess would be because he posed with a rainbow flag.  Of course, he was holding the flag upside down.  That may be enough assurance for some people, but not for me.  To truly gain insight into Trump’s true motives and intentions regarding the LGBT community, I look further than his pick for Vice President.  When it comes to anti-LGBT politicians, Mike Pence is the king of the bigots.  While governor of Indiana, he signed anti-LGBT legislation under the guise of religious liberty.  It backfired on him.  However, it made him a hero of the Christian Right.  He also is a proponent of “conversion therapy.”  Yes, in 2017, there are still people ignorant enough to believe that one can “pray away the gay.”  In addition to that, during his time as governor, he was in favor of diverting money from HIV treatment to conversion therapy.  Of course, the logic was that HIV/AIDS is a “gay disease,” as the American Family Association calls it and that the best way to stop the spread of the disease was to cure all the gays.  The ignorance of Mike Pence is astounding, yet he is a heartbeat away from the presidency.

Another way to gain insight into Trump’s views on LGBT issues is to look at his Supreme Court picks.  Trump said he wanted to appoint another justice like Scalia.  Scalia, of course, was quite an anti-LGBT bigot before his death.  All of the candidates Trump has selected for the vacancy on the Supreme Court are anti-LGBT and would likely have the bigoted thinking of Scalia.

So, to all my LGBT friends, Trump is not on your side.  Trump is the antithesis of all you stand for.  His Vice President and Supreme Court could care less about your marriage, your family and your rights.  If you didn’t realize it before the election, perhaps you’ll realize it now.  If you don’t realize it now, I’m sure you will before all is said and done.