If you haven’t seen the musical The Book of Mormon and ever get the chance, see it. The music, choreography, and message are simply amazing. One of the young elders, Elder Arnold Cunningham, has a propensity to simply make things up. Whether it be for attention or a due to a psychological problem, Arnold can’t stop making things up. To him, any attention is good attention. At one point in the musical, there is even a song about it. “You’re making things up again, Arnold” the cast sings as Elder Cunningham makes up tales of how the early church cured AIDS and condemned female genital mutilation. The song’s a riot. However, I can’t help but see similarities between Arnold and Donald. “You’re Making Things Up Again, Donald.”

The new President has a unique ability to either create or propagate the most insane conspiracy theories imaginable and present them to the public as fact. His press secretary Sean Spicer simply said that the President “believes what he believes.” How scary is that? He went as far as to say that we can disagree on facts. He used the example of weather forecasters. Different forecasters can make different predictions about the weather and neither are lying. As Bill Maher pointed out on his most recent show, the forecasters may differ on what the weather will be tomorrow. However, they don’t disagree on what the weather was yesterday. As a people, we can’t be naïve enough to simply take what the President or any of his minions say at face value. In just over a week, they have proven that they can’t be trusted.

What’s perhaps more alarming is that members of Congress seem to support this mindless and blind following of Trump. One such congressman said that we should look directly to Trump for the “unvarnished truth.” I beg to differ. When the “unvarnished truth” is something that is a blatant lie, then that’s what we should call it – a lie.

As the second full week of the Trump Administration rolls forward, we must keep calling Trump on his lies and showing him that we aren’t just going to look to him for our information. We can’t look to Breitbart and we can’t look to Alex Jones. We have to seek the truth from reputable news that we know and trust. Dan Rather has launched a remarkable new news service called News and Guts. It calls a lie a lie and is the kind of reporting we need in these troubled times.

We also need to look around and see the reactions to the Trump agenda. Today for the second day in a row, tens of thousands have protested Trump’s new Muslim ban. Just a few days prior, millions marched for Women’s rights. In June, hundreds of thousands, if not millions more, plan to march for LGBT equality. I hope to be a part of that march.

So, no matter what the White House says, don’t take it at face value. Look around and see the world as it is and see what’s really happening. Don’t read memes for your news. Don’t take a Facebook post as fact. Think for yourself. No one will do it for you.