It’s now been just over a week since the Trump Train left the station and it’s speeding ahead towards it’s inevitable crash. In fact, it may even be a little ahead of schedule. Every day, something insane happens. Trump makes something up. He lies to his faces. He signs insane executive orders. He gives speeches so rambling that even Sarah Palin couldn’t keep up. Let’s take a moment to reflect on the immigrant ban. How’s that working?
I guess the degree to which it’s working depends on whom you ask. If you ask a couple of Iraqi men detained upon returning to the U.S. today, they’d say it’s not working well. They have worked for the government for years as translators and are now being detained and unable to go home. If you ask green card holders traveling abroad who can’t return to the U.S., they’d say it’s not working well. If you ask the “radicalized Christians” who set fire to a Texas mosque today, I’m sure they’d say that the ban is working wonderfully and they’re glad to help the cause here at home. It’s disgusting. It’s Donald Trump’s America.

Why the ban on some predominately Muslim countries? Trump and his Trump Patriots would of course say it’s to keep America safe. What the Trump Patriots haven’t yet figured out is that they’ve been conned. They haven’t realized that none of the perpetrators of ISIS-inspired terrorist attacks since 9/11 has come from any of the countries currently affected by the ban. They also haven’t realized that none of the banned countries are countries in which Trump has business interests. It’s not a coincidence. Trump is conning the very people who voted for him. He says he’s keeping America safe. In reality, he’s just playing to the fears and prejudices of some in the country. He’s not going to do anything to protect America if it may affect his bottom line. His bottom line is all that matters to him. You don’t matter. I don’t matter. In his twisted mind, the world revolves around him and nothing can change that.