You have to fight fire with fire.  That’s what President Trump said today of torturing our enemies.  Since, he claims, that ISIS is doing unspeakable things, not heard of since the Middle Ages (a claim that seems highly questionable), we should retaliate by doing exactly the same things.  Trump is all in for waterboarding and other forms of “enhanced interrogation.”  Of course “enhanced interrogation” is just another name for torture.

“Fighting fire with fire” is exactly what my Christian faith teaches me not to do.  Sure, if we go back to the Old Testament days, that would be certainly be the thing to do.  I’m certain that there are numerous passages that would seem to support torture.  However, when considering this issue, I tend to think of the New Testament and the teachings of Jesus.  I’m certain that “fighting fire with fire” and torturing our enemies wouldn’t be the way Jesus would handle ISIS.

I’ve seen a lot of memes going around online lately.  The most disgusting of these show Jesus standing behind Trump in the Oval Office guiding his pen as he signs legislation.  Do you for a second think that Jesus would be signing off on any type of legislation or order that involved the torture of any human?  I don’t think so.

I’ve also seen a meme that shows Jesus walking down the road with his suitcase.  The text reads that he has finally been invited back to the White House.  It’s absolutely absurd.  My God is bigger than that.  He can neither be kicked out of nor invited back to a place.  My God neither wants me to torture nor “fight fire with fire.”  So much of the Christian Right has fallen head over heels in love with Trump and it’s absolutely astounding.  My God doesn’t torture.  He loves and shows mercy.  And, he teaches me to do the same.