“We should have taken the oil.”  He said it as a candidate.  That was unnerving.  “We should have taken the oil.”  He said it as the President-Elect.  That was scary.  “We should have taken the oil.”  Now he says it as President.  That’s terrifying.  “Who knows?  We still may have a chance.”  He said it as President.  That’s downright astounding, unprecedented, un-American, and absolutely terrifying.

It now seems to be our national policy that it is ok for our country to invade a foreign country and take their resources as our own.  When did that happen?  Very recently . . . within the last week.  What makes matters worse is that Trump says we still may have a chance to “take the oil.”  What does this mean?  Does this mean there will be more conflict in Iraq?  Does it mean that the U.S. may soon have some forces in Iraq to steal from them their main source of income?  When asked, Trump answers simply by saying, “we should have taken the oil.”

The President went on to say that there were no Iraqis.  He said that there was no Iraqi sovereignty.  He said that Iraq and its people were nothing more than a group of corrupt sects not worthy of any sort of formal recognition.  Where does this man get his information?  It seems as though he simply makes things up as he goes.  As time passes by, it’s becoming more and more evident that that’s exactly what he does.  And it’s not getting any better.  Today, top staffers at the State Department either resigned or were asked to resign.

According to MSNBC reports, approximately 5,500 U.S. citizens are in Iraq today.  What does this do for their safety?  Quite simply, it places them at extreme danger.  Already in Iraq, footage of Trump saying that we need to “take the oil” is being widely distributed.  This creates the image that Americans are there for nothing more than to steal natural resources from the Iraqis.  And why would they think any differently?  The U.S. President is saying in no uncertain times that this is exactly what we should do.

No.  We shouldn’t have “taken the oil.”  And we still shouldn’t.  America is better than that.  We don’t steal from other nations for our own personal gain.  Trump may be used to stealing from hardworking Americans for his own personal gain, but that’s not America.  It may be Trump’s vision of America, but I hope and pray that that terrifying vision never becomes reality.