Trump can’t be satisfied.  Even though he lost the popular vote by millions of votes, he was able to narrowly win the Electoral College and thus the White House.  This isn’t good enough for him.  Nothing is ever good enough.  Though he claims to have won in a landslide, the facts tell a different story and it bothers him.  How does he compensate?  He lies.

Trump is one of the very few voices in his party who still embrace the idea of massive, wide-spread voter fraud.  Trump, with no evidence to back him up, claims that he would have won the Electoral College in a landslide if only the “illegals” didn’t vote.  Today, even his press secretary took to his defense and claimed his boss’s ridiculous fantasy that somehow brown people conspired to vote illegally against him to be valid.

Why does this matter?  It matters for two reasons.  First of all, to some people, no matter what comes out of Trump’s mouth is the gospel.  It is true simply because Trump says it’s true.  They need no explanation or evidence.  He’s their hero.  If their hero blames a problem on “illegals,” then that is what they will believe.  This, of course leads to fear of the “other” and discrimination against anyone who any of the Trump Patriots believe to be “illegal.”  (I hesitate to use the term “illegal” for a person.  No person is illegal.  We may all have different citizenship statuses, but no one is an “illegal.”  It’s offensive and wrong to call anyone that.)  Trump’s claims that these voters stole the popular vote from him only increase the division and tension in our society.

The second reason this matters is because it undermines our democracy.  America is supposed to be the democracy of democracies.  We are supposed to be an example for the rest of the world.  What does it say when our new leader states unequivocally that the results of our election can’t be trusted.  It says that America is broken.  It says that something is wrong.

America isn’t broken.  America is and continues to be great.  We don’t need Trump to make America great “again.”  America has been conned.  America was duped into electing a narcissistic pathological liar to the highest office in the land.  America has elected a man who builds himself up by tearing others down.  America has elected a man who enriches himself by stealing from the poor.  America has elected a very small man as its president.  I feel that in the coming months, America will see its folly.