The construction continues even a week after it should have been completed. Fortunately, the laundry room and kitchen are done. Completely. The downstairs bathroom has been almost done for about two days now. Hopefully, today it will be finished and then it’ll be time to dismantle the upstairs bathroom for a few weeks.

All the while the tile work has been going on, there has been a side project – the screen porch. In addition to the two dogs, we also have a cat, Daphne. We intended for her to be an inside cat and had her declawed. For a few months, the screen porch was a place where she and the dogs could go from the living room through a small pet door. Daphne decided she wanted more. One day, she broke through the screen and has been an inside/outside cat ever since. Not only did she break the screen in one place, but she also broke it in multiple places. Needless to say that the view from the street was less than appealing.   If the neighbors haven’t been gossiping about the state of disrepair of the porch, they should have been. I probably would have joined them.

So, the plan was simple. We’d put new tile on the porch, replace the screen, and put lattice on the bottom portion so that the animals couldn’t break free. It wasn’t that simple. When the contractor started tearing out the old screen, he noticed that the column bases were rotten and needed to be replaced.   Then, the façade of the column needed to be replaced as well.   Needless to say, the screen and lattice haven’t even begun yet as structural repairs to the porch are still in process. And after the columns are fixed and screen and lattice installed, it will have to be repainted.

To say the least, the project has run over time and budget. However, in the end all of this would have had to have been done at some point, so why not now? The time it is taking is frustrating to say the least, but I know that eventually it will all be finished. I’m also trying to stay positive about the extra costs. In the end it will be more Skymiles and more toward the next vacation!