This time last week, I thought that all of the remodeling on the house would be done. I was wrong. It seems as though everything is started and little is completely finished. It’s not from the lack of trying or diligence on anyone’s part. Rather, these things just always seem to take a little longer than planned. Of course, I had an idealized vision of how it would all happen. The workers would come in, quickly and neatly work, and be gone. One week was all they would need. Oh well.

Tomorrow, I’ve decided to take on a project for myself. I’m not handy around the house. I’m not much good at building or painting. My talents seem to lie in cooking and decorating. Those are good talents to have, but in the big scheme of things, they’re not very practical.   Since the upstairs bathroom is going to be (eventually) tiled, the walls will have to be painted. Rather than wait until the new tiles are in and risk getting paint on them, it may be best to go ahead and do the painting.

Besides the walls, the vanity has to be painted. The prior owners of the house put on some sort of a faux finish. I’m sure they thought it looked great. However, the vanity, cabinets, and drawers all have to be sanded, primed, and painted. I’ll probably go ahead and get the drawers emptied tonight and get things as prepped as possible. I also bought a painter’s hat at Lowe’s. That’s probably not practical, but I think it’s cute and may make things a little more fun.

This project may also keep my mind off of other things that are bothering me. In the days leading up to the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, the President-Elect has not only trashed one of the greatest civil rights icons alive today but also cancelled his visit to the Smithsonian African-American museum. A real class act is he. It’s almost like racists don’t even have to hide their racism anymore. It’s truly sad. But, that’s a conversation for another time . . . perhaps tomorrow.