The weekend isn’t what it used to be. The weekend should be a time to rest from the previous week and recharge for the challenges ahead. However, it seems as though when the toils of the week are over and the weekend finally arrives, countless tasks arise and keep hopes of rest and relaxation far at bay. The list of things to do is seemingly endless and can’t be accomplished within to confines of the workweek. s

The fact of the matter is simple – some things just have to get done. Laundry and housework can only be put aside for so long. There’s hardly enough time to go to the grocery store during the week. I could go on and on, as the list of tasks to be done is endless. It seems as though life gets in the way of living.

If the weekend isn’t what it used to be, then what should it be? The answer to that question is different for everyone. For people who don’t have a regular 9-5 job, the weekend may be filled with work. However, in a perfect world, what should the weekend be? I can only speak for myself. When the weekend arrives, I want to completely unplug from the worries and cares of the prior week and not begin to think about the challenges to come. I want to wake up early, get breakfast, and eat in the comfort of knowing that whether I sit at the restaurant for another 10 minutes or another two hours, I won’t have missed anything important. To me, the key to a perfect weekend is not having anything overly important to do and to be able to take a little time to myself for reflection, rest, and solitude.

Needless to say, this ideal of the perfect weekend rarely happens. It’s safe to say that the weekend isn’t what it used to be and not what it should be. In retrospect, the weekend probably has never been the picture of perfection that I envision. However, I find that if I can just take a few minutes to myself and reflect on the world around me, I’m better able to enjoy the weekend and prepare for the week ahead.