I’m the type of person who likes everything to be in place. When I start my day, I like to go downstairs to start the coffee and find everything in its place. I like for my mug to be sitting by the coffee pot, my laptop to be neatly on my desk in the study, and the house to be tidy. For the last few days, that hasn’t been the case. We’ve been having some work done on the house, and, to say the least, the house has been far from tidy.

It started out as a small project. We had to lay tile in the bathroom where the dogs had done some damage to the sheetrock. No big deal, right? Wrong. What started out being a small bathroom project grew by leaps and bounds. It only made sense that while fixing one place on the bathroom wall, that we replaced all of the dated tile that was installed in the in that bathroom when it was built in the 1960s. Of course, since we were doing that bathroom, we had to do the one upstairs, right. Of course! The laundry room and screen porch have painted wood floors that were in need of repainting. So, what the heck, we may as well replace the wood with tile as well. After all, there was a closeout at Lowe’s on a very nice grey ceramic tile that was only 99 cents per square foot. We couldn’t afford not to! Finally, there was the kitchen. What it really needed was a subway tile backsplash. So, why not? Let’s just do it all and get it over with.

It’s now been three days since the work started. The stove is in the middle of the kitchen. The washer and dryer are now in the kitchen as well since the floor in the laundry room is being replaced. The entire downstairs floor is covered in cardboard and paper to protect the floors and rugs from the workers as they trudge through the house. Hardly a room is untouched and there is even a toilet by the front porch.

To be honest, it’s starting to get to me. My coffee pot is now in the study on a small chest that’s usually in the cabinet. My mixer along with the rest of the kitchen appliances are either in the study or the dining room. Nothing is where it should be and it’s driving me crazy.

Why does this have such an effect on me? After all, in just a few short days, everything will be back to normal. Why is it that even after I get in my car and leave for work that I feel as though everything is spinning out of control. It makes me wonder if the real problem isn’t the fact that the house is a mess. Perhaps the real problem is me. Maybe I like to feel in control of everything. When something like the fact that the contractors aren’t working as fast as I think they should, deep down I realize I have no control over the situation and nothing but patience will return things to normal. The more I think about it, the more I realize that I really don’t control anything.   All I do is interact with the world around me. Of course, I have some influence on how certain things turn out, but as far as controlling anything, I have no real power. The best I can do is watch the world spin and try not to get in the way.